Though we may not be on our escapade to Mars or commuting to work by flying jet packs, yet this year marked a deviation from rearranging the same chairs to a plethora of technological advances. While the core technologies remain the same fundamental ones in the collaborative digital reformation voyage, 2020 will be etched by an avant-garde class of technologies eager to step out from the side-lines to the cynosure.

At this juncture of the pandemic having flogged to death almost every industry, an analysis of technology expedite at lighting speed is a much-needed intervention.

 Covid-19 Pushing 5G Forward Faster

Swift connectivity has been a universal requirement, even if you are at home or in your workplace. The pandemic augmented this demand in the sprawling suburbs as swarms of people abandoned their suave workspaces and recreated at-home offices. Better networks became a prerequisite. Despite the virus, deployment was established. This has ushered many telecom companies to materialize their 5G implementation goal.

Verizon initiated a virtual lab to examine 5G deployment and unfurled 5G coverage across San Diego. China is also witnessing an upswing in 5G deployments. Presently, 60% of devices shipped by Qualcomm were 5G.

China already bears testimony to the 5G phenomenon where hospitals deploy robots powered by 5G to examine user temperature and various health applications. This technology has escalated in the wake of the pandemic transforming it into a ground-breaking technology of 2021.

 Wi-Fi 6 Approaching Soon

The ideal elixir is the coalescence of 5G and Wi-Fi 6 for securing ultra-fast connectivity for home and office. The download speed is anticipated to be three times speedy than Wi-Fi 5. In April, the FCC announced the establishment of the new band of spectrum for devices that can adapt this new-fangled technology. The advent of these devices is eagerly awaited later this year.


 Analytics Prove a Competitive Edge

Companies not possessing a hefty investment in analytics this year would be defunct in business by 2021. The utilization of big data and analytics observes a burgeoning growth trajectory, and the pandemic ushered a leap in this industry.

Companies like John Hopkins and SAS fashioned COVID-19 health dashboards. These dashboards compiled data from a plethora of sources, and this was handy in succouring governments and businesses to undertake decisions that safeguarded citizens and employees.

AI and Machine Learning that Powered Business Through the Pandemic

The recent explosion of the amalgamation of AI and machine learning has presented businesses an impetus to rely on technology for developing insights about their data. The added incentives of this collaboration are speed, scale, and convenience. The amplified growth despite the pandemic is a sequel to the enormous investment in AI.