March 2021


The gambling industry has been the forerunner of technological advancements for many years but only a few could have seen a new payment trend emerging right from the center of online casinos. This trend is called Pay N Play and it’s rapidly taking over the whole industry, changing the way Finnish players interact with casinos for good.

Many Scandinavians are already well aware of Trustly, a Swedish fintech company that allows users to pay for goods and services straight from their bank account. For the users, this means unparalleled convenience and for the service provider, less hassle with setting up suitable payment methods. It’s a match made in heaven or, more precisely, made in Trustly.

In 2016, Trustly took this convenience a step further and that step is now revolutionizing the whole gambling industry. The company introduced the Pay N Play system, specifically created for online casinos. The basic principle of Pay N Play is simple: users can make a deposit to an online casino straight from their bank account within just a few seconds. The catch lies in the fact that users no longer need to create an account at the casino, fill any registration forms or go through the KYC procedures. As payments are handled through the user’s bank, authentication is already guaranteed.

Quick deposits and withdrawals

Pay n Play casinosIn other words, Trustly’s Pay N Play allows the user to start playing right after making a deposit, without creating a user account first.

This technology means instant payments, a lightning-fast gaming experience, and tons of less paperwork. It’s the perfect win-win situation: users don’t need to wait or deal with bureaucracy, casinos can accept users right away and receive deposits without delays.

We’re entering a new era of internet technology. Users are looking for extreme convenience and speed. In a sense, they’re looking for an experience where their minds are read. Nothing kills the gambling mood more than mile-long registration forms or KYC paperwork. Thanks to Trustly’s innovation, this is no longer the case. Trustly has simply proved how great technological advancements can increase satisfaction for both sides: users and service providers.

Within just 4 years, Trustly’s play without registration -technology has become a norm that almost every reputable casino wants to apply. Every online casino knows that this is a trend train that isn’t stopping any time soon. Where is it heading and are there new payment solution advancements ahead? That’s something only Trustly knows but from what we’ve seen, we’re sure that the future is going to be bright.